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- its useless data that will accumulate forever on the BlockChain
- slows any real usage like a payment
- raises fees for anyone that want to send some Doge
- raises costs to any node because it needs more storage and bandwidth
- promotes centralization, because some nodes will disconnect do to hight costs
- make organisations and people not use Dogecoin as money because it gets slower and have high fees
- brings more greedy people, insted of normal people that just want to build a better economic world

Create a file called dogecoin.conf and add the following line


now save the file and put on the folder were your Dogecoin Node is installed and restart your node.

You can also download a alredy made dogecoin.conf file clicking here

Its small arbritary messages that anyone can copy/duplicate on the Dogecoin BloCkchain, but some people try to create new Tokens or NFT's because they think they can do more fiat money.
The problem is, anyone can copy/duplicate, so anyone that is actualy thinking on buying them, think twice because anyone can duplicate the same DRC-20 token because the Dogecoin BlockChain cant verify.